Contract Staffing

Contract / Flexi Staffing

Contract Staffing or Flexi Hiring has gained momentum in various sectors specifically in logistics sector, wherein predominantly an overwhelming number of companies are exploring options to keep the asset light, reduce overhead costs, empowering them to stay focused on their core business operations and growth.

LogSkiM specializes in provided skilled manpower for the logistics sector. We go about methodically offering turn-key, end-to-end contract manpower solutions to our clients. Our professional HR consultants with rich and varied experience help in providing right fit candidates from Sourcing till Separation.
Our USP in contract hiring is in retention of the engaged workforce. Our dedicated team of supervisors and in-house HR coordinators interacts with the deployed workforce to ensure their basic needs are met and fit in the role,whereas, the client management team engages with employers for performance review to identify and resolve gaps, if any

Our other core speciality is that we maintain 100% compliance, both in terms of statutory and social, with all our projects engagement. The bottom line is that we serve our clients by deploying quality manpower best suited to their requirements enabling them to meet their business objectives and goals to further growth. We always strive hard in ensuring to provide the best quality in terms of service and customer satisfaction which is of paramount importance to us.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing / Executive Search

Employees who are involved in the day to day business plays a vital role in determining the bottom line of the business. Every move they make and decision they take governs the profitability and hassle-free running of business. The companies invest a lot of time, effort and money in identifying the right talent.
Logskim does the talent mapping and talent acquisition by ensuring the employer get the right talent as per requirement. We have a deep understanding about the logistics sector and labour intensity involved with it. We maintain an extensive talent pool in various functions. The specialists who work for this executive search have a rich experience and expertise in recruitments and were associated with top companies.
Our value addition in this search is that we will not rely upon the conventional job portals alone, instead the profiles collected are handpicked from various sources and

thoroughly verified. LSM has created an exclusive job portal to make the candidates register with the required details. Our recruiters are well trained in understanding the job requirement with its specification and company culture to shortlist the right fit.

One-time placement for Blue Collar Workers

Basis the company’s requirement, we mobilize the required workforce from various sources and provide it to either directly to companies or to their third-party manpower service providers. We source these candidates in various job mela, rural livelihood missions, gram panchayats, etc. We facilitate for their relocation by guiding them on the transit plan and accommodating them in a common place till their on-boarding.

Our placement coordinators interact with the employers to understand the skillsets they look for and other prerequisites for their selection. Based on the details drafted in the job description, we engage the mobilisers to source candidates from various locations till fulfilling the required numbers within the timeline . When compared to other players in the market we take only the facilitation cost involved in mobilising and facilitating process.

Apprenticeship Implementation (NAPS)

Government has introduced the apprenticeship training to the service sectors through optional trade in the year 2016 via National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS). Monetary benefits are introduced through this NAPS model to incentivize the Employer who engages the apprentices. For further details please visit
At Logskim, we provide the complete end to end services for Apprenticeship Training especially under NAPS right from sourcing the candidates, registering them in the portal, managing their attendance, engaging them under basic training, payroll processing, stipend calculation, stipend disbursement, uploading the required documents appropriate for the audits, liaising with all competent authorities and facilitating the employer to receive the monetary benefits from the Government.

Logskim is an empanelled Basic Training Provider (BTP) and Third Party Aggregator (TPA) by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MoSD&E) as well as National Skill Development Corporation.

Basic Training Provider (BTP)

BTP is an entity who has adequate / necessary facilities for a trade and providing basic training to fresher apprentices, who otherwise do not have any formal education and/or training in related trades, engaged by an establishment. Logskim will either connect the Employer with a registered basic training facility or else can get the inhouse training centre facility of the Employer to get registered as training centre. The training will be conducted in the training centres based on the curriculum prescribed in the Trade.
Logskim is an affiliated Basic Training Provider recognized by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to provide the basic training on various domains as prescribed in the optional trade.

Third Party Aggregator (TPA)

Especially under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS), the MoSD&E has created a provision ‘TPA’ to encourage the Large as well as MSMEs and other Establishments to engage large number of youths for Apprenticeship Training. TPA can undertake the activities like arrange basic training for apprentices, maintenance of records and filing of returns and stipend administration. Through this facility, the TPA will act on behalf of the Principal employer as a third-party agency to facilitate the required activities under Apprenticeship regulations. This will ease the job of an employer in manning the apprentices right from entering into a contract till the apprenticeship tenure completed.
Logskim is an affiliated TPA by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to serve the companies. We ensure that the required online filling, paperwork, and other legal / statutory compliances are filed on-time.

Other Services

Bulk Hiring

Logskim works dedicatedly and exclusively for the logistics sector and possesses the necessary skills, expertise, experience and exposure in meeting the requirements of bulk hiring for logistics centric companies. We have mobilisers in place where they involve in identifying the resource who are eligible and ready for employment.
Our bulk hiring team of professionals work closely and in tandem with the HR Managers of our clients in logistics sector in narrowing down on their requirements and go about meticulously in ideating, conceptualizing the bulk hiring process in the most transparent and cost effective manner.
We are specialized in both Blue-Collar Workers hiring for the entry level job roles as well as White Collar Employees including freshers. This makes our clients to save enormous

amount of time and effort in the selection process and on-boarding. During the bulk hiring process, we also extend our service in collecting the required credentials as per employer requirement. Our core strength lies in hiring the rural youths who are ready to migrate as per job location. We also facilitate for their accommodation during their transit and during employment by with the support from the employer.

Campus Hiring

Logskim helps the companies for their fresh blood infusion in the present challenging environment with the required skillsets. We focus on attracting students for apprenticeships, internships, and for full-time entry-level positions on behalf of the employer based on their requirement. Depending on an organization’s industry niche or area of expertise, LSM will map specific colleges to target that are known for their academic excellence in these areas.

LSM is connected with various universities and colleges where there are courses with specializations. Based on the requirement, we conduct pre-hiring tests to filter the candidates and provide to the employers only those who best fit. Our interview desk will screen each and every individual to understand the student area of interest, skillset and match it with the employer requirement.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The experts working at LogSkiM are pioneers with subject matter expertise in Recruitment Process Outsourcing to devise the suitable strategy fitting the employer requirement and talent acquisition is our core competency. We offer enterprise level RPO services to our clients and our RPO services are designed to meet the geographic region, division, department or for a specific function requirement.

At LogSkiM, keeping in view of the growing demands of the logistics sector, we have created an exclusive department with professionals with deep experience in RPO to research, study, analyse, source, schedule the entire process culminating into on-boarding.

We help our clients in the logistics sector with end-to-end RPO services thus benefiting them immensely in terms of cost savings, attract the best available talent, significantly reduce time-to-hire and to scale up the operations in quick time, ensuring compliance, stakeholder engagement and frees up their internal resources considerably, more than anything else, it empowers them to focus more on their core business operations and growth.

Job Mela / Rozgar Mela

Especially when it comes to bulk hiring, the job mela or rozgar mela facilitates both the employer and candidate who seeks for employment to convene at a common place for a quicker and easy selection. Logskim has signed a MoU with Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC) to aggregate the employers who have manpower requirement through demand aggregation and facilitate them to participate in this job mela to hire people. In case if the employer is unable to participate or if they are acquainted with Logskim for manpower service, we represent them in the mela and shortlist the candidates based on the job requirement.

On employer’s demand, Logskim also organizes job mela to gather the mass and assemble them in a particular area for the employer to do the interview and selection. LSM has a deep networking connect with many rural livelihood missions, gram panchayats, local mobilisers and through advertisement to mobilize the job seekers. At the same time, we are connected with many large corporates who have perennial manpower requirements as bulk month on month basis. Logskim participates in all the job mela or rozgar mela organized by National Skill Development Corporation along with Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and State Skill Development Missions.

Short Term Trainings

Logskim provides trainings which are customized as per the job related to company’s requirement. This will cover up the induction timing and help the company to engage the workforce without investing more time on making them to understand on the job specifications. The training tenure will differ from 2 hours to 200 hours based on the requirement. Apart from this we also deliver few other behavioural and inter-personal trainings which will be helpful for the candidates to groom themselves for job readiness.