Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing / Executive Search

Employees who are involved in the day to day business plays a vital role in determining the bottom line of the business. Every move they make and decision they take governs the profitability and hassle-free running of business. The companies invest a lot of time, effort and money in identifying the right talent.
Logskim does the talent mapping and talent acquisition by ensuring the employer get the right talent as per requirement. We have a deep understanding about the logistics sector and labour intensity involved with it. We maintain an extensive talent pool in various functions. The specialists who work for this executive search have a rich experience and expertise in recruitments and were associated with top companies.
Our value addition in this search is that we will not rely upon the conventional job portals alone, instead the profiles collected are handpicked from various sources and

thoroughly verified. LSM has created an exclusive job portal to make the candidates register with the required details. Our recruiters are well trained in understanding the job requirement with its specification and company culture to shortlist the right fit.

One-time placement for Blue Collar Workers

Basis the company’s requirement, we mobilize the required workforce from various sources and provide it to either directly to companies or to their third-party manpower service providers. We source these candidates in various job mela, rural livelihood missions, gram panchayats, etc. We facilitate for their relocation by guiding them on the transit plan and accommodating them in a common place till their on-boarding.

Our placement coordinators interact with the employers to understand the skillsets they look for and other prerequisites for their selection. Based on the details drafted in the job description, we engage the mobilisers to source candidates from various locations till fulfilling the required numbers within the timeline . When compared to other players in the market we take only the facilitation cost involved in mobilising and facilitating process.